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Cipher: 10130100

Qualification: 4S10130103 – Hotel Manager

Who is a hotel manager?

Hotel managers can work in hotels, sanatoriums and tourist companies.

Graduates can provide tourism and hotel services as well as organizational, management and marketing activities.

What skills do you need to be a hotel manager?

Organizational skills, as the structure of hotel work depends on it. Also good communication skills, as a professional can provide a high level of service and hospitality that will satisfy all guests of the establishment.

Do you want to be one step closer to the world of the best hotels in the country!

College of Caspian University trains specialists in «Hotel Management» in accordance with modern standards and market laws!

Language of instruction:

  • Kazakh
  • Russian

Duration of training:

  • After grade 9 – 2 years and 10 months
  • After grade 11 – 1 year and 10 months