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Cipher: 04210100

Qualification: 4S04210101 – Lawyer

Who is a lawyer?

Law is a complex science that studies the totality of knowledge about the state, administration and law. A lawyer knows exactly how to regulate legal relations between people and the state and other entities.

What skills does a professional lawyer have?

The ability to speak competently and fluently. They must find a way out of difficult situations. Because of the risk inherent in a profession, a person needs high moral standards and stamina.

Do you want to be a lawyer?

College of Caspian University trains specialists in the field of «Law» in accordance with modern standards and the laws of the market!

Language of instruction:

  • Kazakh
  • Russian

Duration of training:

  • After grade 9 – 2 years and 10 months
  • After grade 11 – 1 year and 10 months